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Our Story

As a teen I used to LOVE Spending hours in my basement creating jewelry that my Aunt had inspired me to make. She used to be a vendor at the farmers markets in Victoria, B.C.  I ended up selling and giving most away as gifts. I just loved it as a hobby. 

Fast forward (many years later) after University, marriage & three kids, I started making Mala bracelets as gifts for family and friends. I had a few people ask me to make them some, that was it,  I was hooked,,,I can make jewelry and get paid! What? it truly changed my life!

Voila! Boho West was born. We have evolved from making bracelets to necklaces to designing rings. We also source and bring in some amazing pieces to share with you all. 

The best part of this venture is that I have met the most amazing women and created so many new live long relationships.  I am so blessed and truly appreciate every single customer 💗