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Kambaba Jasper Mala

Kambaba Jasper Mala

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Kambaba Jasper is a very grounding stone due to its deep connection with Mother Earth, It helps one remain in the present moment and remain calm under stress. Recommended that one meditates with this stone in nature to experience its full healing effects.

Chakra: Heart, Root

Element: Earth

Zodiac: Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio

we use 8mm gemstone beads that are double strung, stretchy elastic cords. Each bracelet stretches and fits a typical woman’s wrist approximately 7.5 inches. 

we do offer restringing in store for a $5 fee. We suggest rolling on and off your bracelet to help keep the elastic nice and strong. 

our gemstone bracelets are natural stones and can vary in colour from the photos shown. You will receive one single bracelet (not 3 as shown above).